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Practitioner Liquid Lipo Sticker x24 (Variation)

Practitioner Liquid Lipo Sticker x24 (Variation)

Please do not use any discount code for stickers or stationary.

This is 26 x 3ml Stickers for the Liquid Lipo Chin samples.

To add a personal name or clinic add to the comments section along with your product type and selection which variation x 26.

1.Liquid Lipo Chin x 26 3cm Stickers(Q26)

2.Liquid Lipo Chin 5cm Stickers (Q26)

3.Liquid Lipo 3 Day 3cm Stickers (Q26)

4.Liquid Lipo 5 Day 3cm Stickers (Q26)

5.Liquid Lipo 100ml 5cm Stickers (Q26)

6.Liquid Lipo Combo 3 Day x 3cm Stickers (Q26)

7.Liquid Lipo Combo 5 Day x 3cm Stickers (Q26)

8.Liquid Lipo Combo 100ml x 5cm Stickers (Q26)

9.Liquid Lipo Thermo 3 Day x 3cm Stickers (Q26)

10.Liquid Lipo Thermo 3 Day x 5cm Stickers(Q26)

11.Liquid Lipo Thermo 5 Day x 5cm Stickers (Q26)

12. Liquid Lipo Thermo 5 Day x 5cm Stickers(Q26)

13. Liquid Lipo Thermo 100ml x 5cm (Q26)

14.Liquid Lipo Tight 3-day (Q26)

15.Liquid Lipo Tight 5-Day(Q26)

16.Liquid Lipo Tight 100ml(Q26)

    “Absolutely love this product I use it every day as part of my skincare routine. My skin is glowing and it looks so fresh. I have not worn foundation since I started using this."

    Nicola Skitt -Rotherham

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