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Liquid Lipo Ltd

Research | Evidence | Results


Liquid Lipo Ltd was founded on the Wirral in the United Kingdom. From its humble beginnings we are now a global company with stockists worldwide.

Our flagship product, Liquid Lipo Fat Dissolve Gel was released in 2020 following 3 years of research and clinical trials.

We continue to change the face of fat dissolve by offering a clinically proven alternative to invasive procedures.  

Liquid Lipo Fat dissolve is a non needle, non surgical treatment and is the only one of its kind. In 3000 clinical trials over 95 % of participants lost fat. 

We now produce the worlds strongest Hyaluronic acid creams, a cellulite removing tanning mist, our Lipoma dissolving Thermogenesis gel and our Blepharonat Eye Bag Dissolve. Offering a viable alternative to surgery and invasive procedures.

"Research, Evidence, Results" is our philosophy and it means that we will not release a product without first carrying out research, getting the evidence and seeing the results, we believe in creating only the most cutting edge of products. 


We believe in transparency, honesty and integrity, people before profits and results before revenue. Our products work and we believe in them. We started with just 3 stockists, we now have close to 200 world wide, we have been featured at the ultimate women’s expo in Dallas, at the Bolton Fashion week. We have been featured in the press world wide, modelled by celebrities, and been featured on the radio. We are proud of our progress, we continue to grow, this is just the beginning. 

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