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Our Story

   Getting from there to here

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Meet the founder

Kiki is an International Awarding Winning Product Developer bringing a range of incredible products to the market, including ZX10, Liquid Lipo, Blepharonat and many more. 


Her product range has been used to train over 1,000 people globally, with over 20,000 case studies showing amazing results in fat loss, pain management and anti-ageing.  


Kiki is an Inspirational Speaker using her own life experiences and health issues to become a driving force to bring faster-acting solutions with more robust results to the market. 


Read more about her story: here

Behind The Curtain 

Meet The CEO


Her Husband is now the CEO after leaving his managerial roles in Health and Social Care, and this has enabled a 6 figure growth in 2021-2022


His Army background helped him organize and structure the distribution side of the company.

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