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Empowered at 38: A Journey into Medical Aesthetics and the Power of Liquid Lipo

Updated: Jan 12

Nurse Philippa, managing Liquid Lipo Middlesbrough alongside her own practice, wholeheartedly endorses Liquid Lipo for its exceptional results. We take great pride in witnessing individuals, typically more accustomed to injections and surgery, achieve superior outcomes through our products.

In the bustling world of Nursing, I once found solace in the security of a steady career. However, the birth of my little boy ignited a spark within me, pushing me to take a leap of faith. Four years ago, I ventured into the realm of medical aesthetics, a decision that not only reshaped my professional path but also allowed me to rediscover the joy of helping others.

My journey into medical aesthetics provided a sense of purpose reminiscent of my days working in hospitals. There's a unique satisfaction in making people feel like the best version of themselves and building enduring relationships with patients who return, seeking the care and support that transcends a mere transaction.

As a nurse at heart, the commitment to continuous improvement and development through education is ingrained in my professional ethos. Seeking innovative treatments to enhance my services became a natural progression in my quest to offer the best care possible.

It was during this exploration that I discovered Liquid Lipo, a revolutionary treatment that caught my attention for its potential in assisting those with Lymphoedema—a condition close to my heart. At the age of 24, I faced a breast cancer diagnosis, leading to a double mastectomy and six cycles of chemotherapy. The aftermath left me grappling with lymphatic drainage issues in my arms, intensifying my determination to find a solution.

Liquid Lipo presented a tangible answer to this problem, and what drew me in even more was the company's commitment to science, research, and tangible results. Kiki, the founder, emerged as an inspirational figure, building the company from the ground up with a mission to genuinely help people. Her selfless approach, offering assistance for free and going above and beyond, not only resonated with me but also became a driving force in my commitment to the brand.

Discovering Liquid Lipo as a potential treatment for Lymphoedema unveiled a treasure trove of innovative products within the brand. Beyond its groundbreaking fat-dissolving gel, which promises results without needles or pain, Liquid Lipo boasts an affordable and effective skincare range that has transformed my skin like never before. The daily use of these products has become my secret to radiant and healthy skin.

Over the nearly two years of being a practitioner with the company, I've witnessed its evolution, bringing forth new treatments and products. One personal favourite is the ZX10 - inlamileaf; inflammation-relieving balm. This natural remedy delves into the root cause of inflammation, disrupting pain receptors and offering relief. It's heartening to see patients reducing or even discontinuing traditional pain medications with the regular application of this all-natural wonder. Liquid Lipo's commitment to holistic solutions continues to redefine the boundaries of skincare and pain management.

Furthermore, sense of family and support within Liquid Lipo is unparalleled. Despite being a sole practitioner and self-employed, I've never felt alone. The camaraderie among practitioners, coupled with Kiki and her team's unwavering support, has created a unique environment where I can extend help to those suffering from conditions previously deemed untreatable.

Liquid Lipo not only provided a solution for my personal struggle with Lymphoedema but also enabled me to stay connected to the cancer patients I once passionately nursed. It's more than a treatment; it's a lifeline connecting practitioners, patients, and a visionary founder, united by the common goal of making a difference in people's lives.


Aesthetics Nurse Practitioner

Bella Beauty Aesthetics


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