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Advanced training And Liquid Lipo Lipid machine
  • Advanced training And Liquid Lipo Lipid machine

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    Liquid Lipo Lipid

    Please note this is for U.K. only, please contact us if based elsewhere to discuss further.


    Our ground breaking machine features


    Tripolar RF

    Quadrupole RF

    Sextupole RF

    Vacuum Cavitation




    How does it work


    1. 30k Cavitation head --- Breaks down fat on the legs, abdomen and buttocks. Continue and pulsated


    2. 3 prong, 4 Prong and 6 Prong

    (RF monopolar and tripolar RF) RF melt the fat further on.The different RF handles are used in different parts of the body

    (As we all know, is carrying on RF skin tightening.


    3. Maniglia Vacuum --- finally hollow handle massage rhythmically imitating human hands to solve small pieces of enough fat, which promotes the lymphatic system to eliminate the toxins out of the body. Virtual Liposuction


    Liquid Lipo Lipid


    1. We combined three of the best parts of three machines offering the perfect machine.


    2. Modify the traditional weight losf and skin rejuvenation from single technology in the comprehensive treatment;


    3.A design combined, ultrasonic cavitation, tripolar RF, vacuum liposuction and RF monopolar,


    4 handles in a car; 4.RF and tripolar RF monopolar handles with

    different sizes of treatment, particularly for the

    treatment of different parts of the body on the rejuvenation of body skin;


    5. Non-invasive, no side effects, excellent result;


    6. Suitable for all skin types and people, quick treatment, not affect people normal life;


    Public price £5555


    Machine offer and £1000 of Kit with all training including for £3000



    It's portable and durable alot of metal components not plastic bits Hard shell

    The specification is

    Cavitation 20,30,40 and 80k modes both pulsated and continious 30K Is the best reaching 6cm of fibrous tissue

    Facial RF wand 20 settings 20 levels

    Body RF 20 levels

    Fat heating and lifting rf 20 levels

    Lymphatic Vaccum

    Pulls fat to the lymphatic node exit

    Has electroporation /rf

    Excess fat is pulled to the back of the machine to empty


    Advanced training package containing the kit as shown in the following video



    Also contains our Liquid Lipo Lipid Machine



    We aim to have a limited number of stockists in any area as to optimise your sales and keep competition to a minimum, please message us to find out if your area is available, 

    We pride ourselves on ensuring that existing practitioners are trained and are reaping the rewards of their investment in our products before adding others to their area, so please respect that if we are unable to offer a position at this time. We review every three months.

    As part of all our packages you receive wholesale prices, roughly 20% less for standard and 50% less for advanced stockists, you will be added to our online support group where some of the global leaders in body contouring are on hand to offer peer help and support. We will share your results periodically on social media and link to your clinic, we have exciting new services being worked on behind the scenes, such as a goal of eventually allowing public to book treatments directly with yourselves through our site. We truly believe in supporting our practitioners. 




    Standard Training with mini kit.

    We offer our basic entry level package for £295 which includes


    • 100 ml Liquid Lipo. Fat Dissolve Gel

    • 100 ml Thermogenesis lite 

    • 100 mll Lipo Tight



    Standard training with 5 products

    We also offer our Full standard training for £395  

    This comes with 5 full sized products including


    • 1 x 250 ml Liquid Lipo

    • 1 x Hydra Oz

    • 1 x Spray tan mist

    • 1 x L Ascorbic Acid

    • 1 x Thermo lite


    Both Packages come with the following as standard.


    • Full online training

    • Wholesale pricing

    • Group support


    Advanced training with our full range of products.

    £1000 which covers a multitude of elements listed below to ensure you are equipped with product knowledge. It also goes through the process of product development, case studies and extensive research in the problems of the lymphatic system.


    • Liquid Lipo 250ml

    • Liquid Lipo 420ml

    • L-ascorbic 75ml

    • Blepharonat 30ml

    • Hydra oz 50ml

    • Liquid bronze 250ml

    • Lipo tight. 100ml

    • Blepharobright 50ml

    • Rewind 50ml

    • Melanin Carota 200ml

    • Thermogenesis 100ml

    • Thermogenesis lite 200ml

    • ZX10 100 ml

    We also can train an additional person to use your kit 

    with out Duo Training, this includes 1 x advanced kit as 

    above but trains 2 staff rather than 1.

    Both these packages come with an additional 30% off 

    wholesale prices plus allow you to offer our full strength

    Thermogensis, which can be offered by advanced

    stockists only. 

    Liquid Lipo Lipid Machine

    Plus Advanced Training.


    Finally we offer our in clinic machine package. 

    Our machine offers cavitation, RF and vacuum

    uction, each function has approx 20 settings,

    with the purchase of our machine you receive

    our full advanced training for free, this includes

    our full range of products, message for more 




    • Mechanism of action

    • The history of the products

    • How to enhance your buisness

    • Properties / ingredients

    • Body contouring

    • Lifting

    • Reshaping

    • Reduction

    • Using with machines.



    • We provide our training alongside each of the product packages so that we can be confident you are offering the products in line with company standards, this ensures that each product is being used optimally to get the very best results for your clients. As a future stockist we believe in you and your business,we put our faith in our stockists because they put theirs in us. When you invest in our products, yourepresent us, you are our brand ambassadors, and our training supports you to excel, we believe in results before revenue, we care.


    • Your kit will be posted out in 5 to 7 days from order. Full online support given, however should you purchase the 12 item package and wish to attend a free, in person practical session then we offer this in a number of locations.



      “Absolutely love this product I use it every day as part of my skincare routine. My skin is glowing and it looks so fresh. I have not worn foundation since I started using this."

      Nicola Skitt -Rotherham

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