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The Dissolve and Tighten Trio
  • The Dissolve and Tighten Trio

    SKU: 5060896110219

    The dissolve and tighten trio

    Love the sound of Lipo? Not sure where to start? our developers have put together something for everyone in a limited edition three part kit.

    This exclusive deal with save you pounds while shedding inches, even the tightest of budgets can tighten up with this offer.

    The kit contains

    Liquid Lipo 100ml

    Containing enough for 10 large area treatments, or 20 smaller areas. Liquid Lipo uses essential oils to penetrate the skin layers, it binds to fat breaking it down into water and carbon Dioxide to safely be excreted from the body.

    Thermo lite 100 ml

    This thermogenic product works deeper and faster on thicker, deeper fat and blocked lymphatic systems, allowing for even the deepest visceral fat deposits to be tackled.

    Lipo Tight 100ml

    Lipo tight is an amazing firming body lotion still pertaining 3% Hyalronic acid, can be use on Face, body on its own or after a Lipo wrap to reinforce the skin elasticity. 


    The combination of these three treatments will tighten firm and tone, give your summer body goals a head start with this limited edition set.

      “Absolutely love this product I use it every day as part of my skincare routine. My skin is glowing and it looks so fresh. I have not worn foundation since I started using this."

      Nicola Skitt -Rotherham

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