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Liquid Lipo international create non surgical, non invasive beauty and aesthetic products including our Topical Fat Dissolve Gel, the worlds first topical clinically proven product of its kind. Liquid Lipo Bronzed is a tan mist that is vegan friendly, tans to pigment and strips cellulite, it improves skin tone and has been featured in the UK daily mail modelled by Lizzie Cundy, columnist, socialite and celebrity. Our Hyaluronic acid creams are the worlds strongest and our eye bag removal Blepharonat offers a non surgical alternative to blepharoplasty. We offer thermogenesis Lipoma Dissolve which improves scar tissue and can dissolve Lipoma without the need for surgery or Liposuction. 

We have been featured on BBC radio, in the daily mirror and at the ultimate women’s expo in Dallas and bolton fashion week. 

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