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A Trio of Brilliance and a fond farewell.

To celebrate our founder stepping back, we are opening pre order to get not just one but three new products!!

We wish her the best of luck at BioGrad laboratory in Liverpool.

She will always be the founder and behind the scenes somewhere but her journey In science is where her heart lies. What's she's built is phenomenal but often letting go is the only way we can all grow.

We have an exciting fresh start with new systems, procedures and automation with a nod to education and everything she built especially our Lipo family.

First, on May 1st, we unveil Inflamalief Drops—Nature's Aspirin—a potent solution of White Willow, Devil's claw, Tumeric and more synergizing with Zx10 Inflamalief topical relief, designed to support oral pharmaceutical withdrawal. Packed with anti-inflammatory prowess, backed by existing scientific research plus our initial tests.

Next, meet LipoLiquid—Nature's Ozempic—a revolutionary blend of Barberry, Fenugreek seeds, and Caffeine, crafted to be nature's premier appetite support, aiding digestion, and harmonizing water and sugar levels. The ideal partner for Liquid Lipo fat dissolution.

And finally, the pinnacle of herbalism and holistic medicine: Medex Balance. This hormonal adjustment cream, enriched with wild yam extract and guarded secrets, enhances circulation, optimizes hormone availability, and restores balance for women.

Those attending on April 18th, when practitioners receive exclusive in-person training for Kikis farewell ensuring unparalleled expertise in these transformative solutions.

Embrace the power of nature, backed by Science.

Keep an eye out for ENQ LIPO our friendly customer service team

Love HQ

Existing practitioners inital offer for launch.

20% off for Standard practitioners.

30% off for Advanced practitioners


LipoLiquid/ Inflamalief 100ml 39.99 (Drops last 2 months at 2 applications a day)

Medex Balance 60ml 34.99

Training will be given at the confrence or you may purchase the recording.

On sale from May 1st.

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