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When I grow up ,I want to save the world. Do you?

A young woman from Wirral, Kirsty 'Kiki' Smith, endured a tumultuous journey marred by health struggles that nearly consumed her life. Battling endometriosis alongside a host of other ailments, including fibroids and a tumour, she found herself trapped in a relentless cycle of physical pain and emotional despair.

Despite her valiant efforts, her health setbacks cost her a job, plunging her into the depths of uncertainty and hopelessness. In the throes of her darkest hour, Kirsty was confronted with the harrowing reality of her situation. In 2016, she grappled with thoughts of ending her own life, a desperate attempt to escape the suffocating grip of her afflictions. However, fate had other plans for Kirsty, guiding her towards a path of resilience and redemption.

Refusing to succumb to despair, Kirsty embarked on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and empowerment. With unwavering determination, she enrolled in university, determined to carve out a new path for herself despite the daunting obstacles that lay ahead.

It was during this transformative period that Kirsty unearthed a newfound purpose – to create products that would not only alleviate her own struggles but also offer solace and support to countless others grappling with similar challenges. Vowing to listen to the unheard and create solutions for problems.

With steadfast resolve, Kirsty collaborated with a manufacture in Bolton to develop the first of many revolutionary product, Liquid Lipo Ltd, designed to target and remove fat from the subcutaneous tissue. This ground-breaking creation garnered widespread acclaim, earning Kirsty the prestigious British Hair and Beauty Awards rising star award and more recently influencer the year 2023Buoyed by her initial success, Kirsty continued to innovate, expanding her product line to address a myriad of health concerns plaguing women worldwide. Her dedication to scientific research and meticulous attention to results acuminated in the creation of 13 meticulously crafted products, each backed by rigorous existing and new research into the anatomy and the power of ingredients,

In recognition of her ground-breaking contributions to the field of wellness, Kirsty's company earned accolades, including the coveted Mums in Business International Growth Award 2022. Through her tireless efforts, Kirsty has established a global network of over 1000 practitioners, disseminating her products to those in need across the globe. Most recently celebrating her accolade as national winner 2023 for She inspires for her research into pain relief,

Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavours, Kirsty remains steadfast in her commitment to mentorship and education, leveraging her VTCT-qualified teaching credentials to empower a new generation of practitioners. Her unwavering dedication to uplifting others has earned her recognition as a beacon of hope and inspiration in her community. She is championing turning your pain into power,

As Kirsty reflects on her extraordinary journey, she remains guided by a singular purpose – to offer solutions to the myriad of challenges she once faced, and in doing so, to pave the way for a brighter, healthier world. In her quest to save the world, one product at a time, Kirsty embodies the transformative power of resilience, compassion, and unwavering determination. Together we can all save the world, one person at a time

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