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Professional Beauty Support LiquidLipo's©️ Time for change.

Liquid Lipo supports "Time for Change"

Created by an award-winning science student, despite battling Endometriosis, Liquid Lipo houses a range of topical and oral fat reduction and pain relief treatments that reduce inflammation in the body and help move stagnant lymph fluid.

Since April 18th, our groundbreaking conference has propelled LiquidLipo©️ to new heights, thanks to our revamped branding, unwavering support from our community, and the visionary leadership of our founder. The future sees Kevin at the helm as CEO, backed by our dedicated trainers, we're ushering in the next era of innovation.

Our April pre-orders saw thousands flocking to our new products, a testament to our continued growth since being recognised by Professional Beauty in 2020. As headline sponsors for SOS Beauty, founded by Faye, on June 1st, and with esteemed judges on September 20th, we're proud to lead the charge irevolutionising the beauty industry whilst supporting the Butterfly Breast Cancer Awards.

At LiquidLipo©️, our inclusive approach embraces medics, non-medics, healers, hairdressers, and supporters worldwide. Together with our diverse community of ambassadors and practitioners, we're on a mission to tackle overlooked challenges by creating innovative solutions. Whether it's in the clinic, salon, or beyond, we're dedicated to making a meaningful impact in people's lives.

Liquid Lipo Practitioner -Time for change.

Since my journey began as a practitioner I've delved deep into the intricacies of the human body, empowering me to guide both men and women towards their longed-for goals.

Witnessing a company and its visionary founder championed by the realm of professional beauty fuels our mission to impact even more lives.

As the sole practitioner in my area i now extend the promise of transformative consultations, whether online or in person, showcasing the profound efficacy of our products.

Rooted in education and fueled by the founder's unwavering resolve, we confront problems too often sidelined, offering genuine solutions to those who have been overlooked and dismissed.

We are the friends you haven't met yet.

Kikis foundfarewell means the company can grow at its true capacity, but no one can ever forget the legacy she created.


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