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Trinidad & Tobago Queen hits headlines as Liquid Lipo stockist.

In an interview with the Business Guardian, owner Latoya Lamotte gave the insight as to how the business began.

In trying to lose weight, the businesswoman said, she tried everything—gym, dieting, fasting, detox, and body contouring fast-tracked changes her my body.

vasive body contouring.

“Our strategic partnership with Liquid Lipo International Ltd has positioned us as the official stockists for Trinidad and Tobago, offering its products. We are excited about reaching new communities in the future and have also established collaborations in the US and the Caribbean to provide a comprehensive range of products, services, and training,” said Lamotte.

“We are eager to expand our training offerings in Trinidad to include areas currently not covered, such as fat freeze techniques. While many places provide basic contouring classes, we aim to go beyond the ordinary by introducing diverse training modules. This approach is designed to empower entrepreneurs in the field with a comprehensive skill set, setting them apart in the business,” she detailed.

According to the Skinatomy Laser Clinic in Ontario Canada: “All types of body contouring devices and treatments have mild side effects.

“The bottom line is that these non-surgical treatments work and are typically safe and effective ways to address body issues without the long amounts of downtime and the larger costs of the surgical alternatives.”

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