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The importance of our brand

The great reset.

Why 2023 was our great reset. The gift to our customers, our practitioners and ourselves.

It's almost four years since the first product was on its way to manufacture after two years of positive results leading up to 2020 - we truly believed we had something unique and that's why our dedication was ensuring it worked.

Mid June 2020 it was ready to reveal the first product to the nation with one unforseen problem- a global pandemic. The years to follow lead to great success but some fundamental foundations were missing. To reset our business- we had to go back to the start and remember exactly why it was we started. We went back to the beginning and asked ourselves a few important questions.

What is marketing?

Marketing is defined as the set of tools, processes, and strategies you use to actively promote your product, service, and company. Its also paramount to have systems, structure and a brand that epitomizes your values from the inside out.

We went back to the basics on why we used certain ingredients, why we were different and what makes us stand out. After all, we are one very tiny fish in a huge pond.

What is Liquid Lipo?

Everything that Liquid lipo is - started in my head ,from the knowledge of the lymphatic system to the colors - to how it sits on a shelf - to how it looks on a shop front on the High Street. A vision often no one else can see but you. That was our biggest problem. We had to get straight on everything.

Consistency is the most important part of business and every experienced business owner will tell you, you can get bogged down with things that will take up 20 hours a day,a long way away from the goals you had when you first started.

Starting our bespoke branding was the very last part of our reset. We first had to define who we are as a company which is fundamentally to offer topical solutions for problems often ignored. Research-Evidence- Results.

We never set out to follow others.Our mission is to lead our practitioners armed with knowledge to help others. To listen to the public and offer help for things they may struggle to comprehend. To reduce the need for surgery,Liposuction and needles.

Liquid Lipo©®️™️ is a topical solution with various formulations to aid the break down of trapped fat,tighten skin, improving the lymphatic system and reduce inflammation*

Every ingredient has its own research before being added to our carrier agents.

This year our founder was recognised with many awards, number 1 being the National Award winner for STEM for her achievements ,education and inspiration.

We have trained over 1000 people and we have case studies up to 30,000 over the past 5 years,across the globe. Helped over 4000 people free of charge with the retail value of millions.

Our very latest product Magic Micelle combines an everyday product but uses our L'Ascorbic Acid & Hydra Oz to bring a brightening and Hydrating mist to your everyday cleansing routine. This is now FREE with all orders over £33

International orders have now closed until January 7th. We've also combined all 7 sites down to one unified website.

Dont worry UK there's still time.

We close for orders from the 15th December to the 7th January but we will have a preorder option.

No cryptic offers,no market trickery, just a Thank you for your support.


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