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From Sceptic to Lymphatic Superstar. How Christine tackled her own body issues and started her own business in the process.

In the late part of 2021, Christine entered the Liquid Lipo Clinic with low confidence, unsure of the transformative journey ahead. Fast-forwarding just two years, she not only defied expectations but now leads as the chief practitioner at Liquid Lipo Wirral. Beyond her role, she successfully launched Body Garden Wirral, a testament to her growth and expertise. Her clientele includes celebrities like Chrissy Rock, and her dedication extends to aiding individuals facing complex issues post-surgery. Christine's remarkable journey showcases her evolution from uncertainty to a prominent figure in the field.

Christine adopts a results-oriented approach to aesthetic treatments, focusing on enhancing your natural beauty. She combines practical expertise with a meticulous attention to detail. Her method, emphasising simplicity and efficacy, aligns closely with the ethos of Liquid Lipo, offering clients clear and dependable advice.

"The above transformation was 18 weeks after I had a gastric sleeve , a few weeks later i didn't want any to have a 2nd surgery for the loose skin i.e. a tummy tuck, which often follows due to excess weight loss internally. You are often left with subcutaneous fat in the skin. I can highly recommend this treatment, I also had my legs and arms done by the amazing Christine from LiquidLipo Wirral. I love this photo of ME🥰 I also love the fact that this was 6 months ago and has never come back" Tracey

Christine's dedication and expertise at LiquidLipo Wirral played a crucial role in achieving remarkable results for the client over 18 weeks. The tailored approach, focusing on non-surgical and non-invasive reduction of subcutaneous fat, combined with the use of Lipotight, showcased the effectiveness of their methods.

The commitment from both the client and the practitioner, coupled with Christine's exceptional training, resulted in significant cost savings and eliminated the need for additional surgery. LiquidLipo's emphasis on education and personalized treatments makes it stand out in the realm of non-invasive fat reduction.

This was just two sessions with Christine's client hadn't had surgery, just trapped fat.

Today we are celebrating a practitioner that has overcome so much.She started of as a very sceptical client and quickly we swept her off her feet. In August 2022 launching her own clinic and taking the wirral on head on.

Embracing growth is a testament to one's resilience and determination. It signifies the ability to confront challenges, learn from experiences, and evolve into a stronger version of oneself.

The journey of personal development is a source of pride, as it showcases the courage to step outside comfort zones, face uncertainties, and transform setbacks into opportunities.

Christine treating Chrissy rock 2022. You can find evidence on Chrissys own TikTok.

Celebrating growth is not just about achievements; it's a recognition of the continuous effort to become a better, more empowered individual. In every lesson learned and obstacle overcome, there lies a sense of accomplishment that fuels a lasting sense of pride in one's journey of growth

Not only has she grown in strength - She's now helping prune, water and nourish so many others.

Well done Christine Howell

Her confidence as grown with the right support.

Which package did Christine choose.

She did our full advanced training ,with our LiquidLipo machine and added on pressotherapy for the best lymphatic results. She has now treated nearly 1000 people.

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